Dr Mohos László Law Office was established in 2007. It was then that I, as the manager of the office with a more than half a decade long work experience, thought that the time had come when I was able to provide the client circle needing legal counsel with the service at the expectable highest level.

The years spent at the international law offices and insurance companies with a foreign ownership background, together with the invaluable work experience gained, made it clear that the framework of an employee status was too limited for an expert devoted to his profession to attempt to satisfy his clients’ needs according to his own ideas.

Since its foundation the office has provided several private persons and companies with legal advice or representation, making a conscientious effort to avoid growth throughout all this period, because I was convinced that it was the only possible manner to realise the professional attitude worded by Attila Jozsef, the poet:

„….merely working precisely and fine just like stars move around in the sky is but worth it ….”